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Monday, July 27, 2009

2008 Toyota HiAce LWB D-4D van

I had the opportunity today to have a look at a new style Toyota HiAce LWB van - this one had the 3 litre common rail direct injection D-4D 4 cylinder intercooled turbo diesel engine with EGR (same as in the HiLux ute and Prado 4WD Wagon range) and the 5 speed manual with dash mounted lever! It belongs to the local branch of Avis Truck Rental - I know the fellas who work/run it well! You can hardly tell it is running until you lay the boot into the far right pedal! Then it roars - I had the seat up to check the oil as they never checked it.... anyway I decided to start the engine while the seat was up! It was quiet till I gave it a good stab on the right pedal - then it opened up! The only con it has (that I can see anyway) is the location of the intercooler - right behind the lift-up front inspection panel!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

A new inspirational blog

Hi all,

I have been reading this week's That's Life! - I read a very touching story from a very brave young lady named Tara Panayis. Tara suffered from psuedoarthrosis - psuedoarthrosis is a rare condition where the tibia bone bends to create a false joint. Rather than endure years of pain, Tara decided she would rather have her lower leg amputated and wear a prosthetic leg.

You can read all about Tara and her family's journey here: or visit my profile's - - Blogs I Follow section - I am following their blog!